In October of 2021 I was approved by Wiltshire County Council as an Alternative Provision.

What does this mean exactly?

The process required to become approved involves standard checks which would be held if I were a direct employee of Wiltshire County Council. I have undergone DBS checks, Lead Safe-guarding training, MASH training, First-aid, Child Mental Health, Infection Control and Counselling training both within this system and in addition to it. 

Who can I support as a result?

I am part of an extensive list of organisations who are able to support individuals and groups who require differentiated learning opportunities. I can be called upon to assist children who have been excluded from their current provision, are awaiting an new placement or are within a provision and need extra help or more tailored learning.

How to go about gaining support from an Alternative Provision.

As part of the SEN support system, a Lead SEN Worker is appointed to individuals. These people work to help families and schools through the EHCP process and are the communication point for Wiltshire County Council as a whole. They are able to advise when and if an Alternative Provision is appropriate and those who it might be suitable for.

Schools are also able to access the Alternative Providers and use us to supplement existing support mechanisms. 

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