Speech and Language

Our speech and language resources work extremely well in combination with our precision teaching programmes. New sounds, words and vocabulary can be extremely challenging to learn and apply correctly.

Wherever possible, we try to use daily activities and common objects as examples in order to maximise usage and exposure. Sessions can include diagrams and descriptions of tongue, teeth and mouth positions for specific sounds. At the opposite end of our range, we create games such as preposition puzzles to commit not only vocabulary, but terminology to memory.


Visual resourcing for sentence construction

Characters and actions are represented in images to assist children in the construction of simple sentences. Elements can be made as simple or as complicated as required and are designed to support children with high and medium frequency words.

Price on request


Visual resourcing for non-verbal children

Used to initiate and develop communication with adults and peers, these resources are custom-made to ensure interest and therefore participation. Resources take various forms, from interactive displays to folders of key images representing periods of time or activities.

Price on request.


Visual resourcing to support specific subject matter

This resource is perfect for those children who find it difficult to create images from spoken language. It assists children in a variety of ways, from creative writing to the concept of history. We are able to provide resources as a display, or within a folder with interchangeable images.

Price on request.


Enhancing verbal and written language

Games and fun drawing activities help to encourage children to use vocabulary and enhance their written and spoken language. We are able to design packs based on any requirement, from adjectives to prepositions. Children love drawing hats ‘on’ the snowman and searching for the ‘under’ puzzle pieces!

Price on request


Communication starters

Our scenario and setting displays (also available in a folder) are great for encouraging children to independently begin and hold conversations on a given subject. For example, an image of an allotment with various activities taking place may lead them to discuss who and what they could see.

Price on request.


Any subject matter can be used on request. Our resources are extremely flexible and can be custom-made to your specifications.

Dependant on your location, it may be possible for your order to be delivered or collected.

SEN Library

We offer a free loan system of a wide range of resources to anyone within the Salisbury area (subject to purchase of any single item). For a full list of our current library and availability, please contact us by email.