Fine motor skills

Difficulties with handwriting or drawing can be attributed to poor fine motor skills. In combination with various handwriting and accuracy techniques, sessions to improve fine motor skills can improve many aspects of a child’s life, from tying their shoe laces to eating their dinner.

Some children find simple tasks such as holding a pencil or cutting paper extremely difficult and can become frustrated when they are unable to complete tasks effectively. Our fine motor skill programmes are designed to be fun and functional: Simple resources and games played on a regular basis to ensure measurable improvement.



Custom-made to include any subject matter, this simple but often over-looked activity is brilliant for improving fine motor skills. Each picture can be completed with or without a ruler, dependant on your individual needs.

Price on request.

Speed Colouring

This group game will encourage motivation in those who do not show any interest in hand-writing and other fine motor related sessions. Each child is provided with identical patterns and it is a race to complete the activity as specified (made progressively more difficult). Simple, yet effective, children will definitely enjoy taking part.

Price on request.

Tricky Tweezers

Children will love playing this paired game. Reinforcing number skills, children have a minute to move beads from one bowl to another. The child with the most beads wins. It's harder than it looks!

Price on request.

Tangram puzzles

Brilliant for reiterating shapes and improving fine motor skills, this activity is available in a range of themes. Children match the shapes to the diagram or produce their very own design.

Price on request.

We have a wide variety of fine-motor skill items within our library, each is free to loan with any resource purchased.



Any subject matter can be used on request. Our resources are extremely flexible and can be custom-made to your specifications.

Dependant on your location, it may be possible for your order to be delivered or collected.

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