In this policy, unless it is obvious that they have some other meaning, the words "we", "our" and "us" refers to and its owner(s) Ta-Dah SEN.

We respect your privacy

This privacy policy outlines how we may collect, store and use information about you. This privacy policy goes together with our terms and conditions document, so please ensure you read this privacy policy and our terms and conditions document before using our website. If you do not understand and agree to abide by this privacy policy and our terms and conditions you must cease use of this website immediately.

This privacy policy applies to our website. We may link to other websites which we have no control over. You must therefore check the privacy policy of any third party website before continuing to access it.

If you require any clarification about our privacy policy please email .

Data controller

This website ( is run by Ta-Dah SEN. For the purpose of the data protection act, the data controller is Ta-Dah SEN. Further information about the data controller is as follows:

Address: Ta-Dah SEN, 1 Frampton Court, Wilton Hill, Salisbury, SP2 0FH
Contact phone number: 07899 955 458
Contact: Sophie Scott

The information we may collect from you and how it’s used

Various information and data may be collected, stored and used by us. Such information may include;

  • Any information you enter into forms which are located on our website. These forms may email the information you enter to us, stores it in a database for us to view, or both. From time to time we may also include forms which are presented within an iframe on one of our web pages, which means the form itself is hosted on another server and the information you enter is processed and stored by them.
  • From time to time we may ask for your feedback or to complete surveys to help us. We may store the information you provide for future reference and use it for marketing purposes.
  • Any contact you make with us may be recorded and stored for future reference and use.
  • We may store, process, share and analyse information on how you browse and use our website. We may use third party software and programs (such as Google Analytics) to help us collect, store, share and analyse your browsing habits. Information stored about your browsing may include (but are not limited to); your browser software, operating system, IP address, pages visited, duration of visit, links clicked and location data. We may use this information to help us with marketing, diagnosing technical issues and improving our services.
  • We will store information about the items you purchased and may use this information for marketing purposes

We may also use a cookie file to find out information about your general internet use. The cookie file will be stored on the hard drive of your computer and enables us to deliver a more personalised service to our users by finding out information such as audience size, audience demographics, audience preferences, and to recognise you when you return to our website.

Cookies may be refused by disabling them in your browser. It should be noted that certain areas and features of our website may not be accessible or functional if you disable cookies in your browser.

For further information about our policies on cookies, see our cookie policy.

Information discloser

Your information may from time to time be accessed by and disclosed to third parties.

  • Your information may be accessed and used by organisations which we use to operate our business, such as payment gateways, suppliers, delivery companies and support services.
  • We may use third party software or programs which store information about how you use our website. This information is collected and stored by third parties and may be used and accessed by them.
  • We may display forms for you to fill out which are created by third parties and help us with marketing purposes. The information you enter into these forms may be accessed and used by the third party.
  • We may hand over information we have about you to comply with any legal obligation.
  • We may exchange information about you with third parties to help reduce fraud and protect credit risks.
  • We may provide your information to potential buyers of this business or its assets.

Where your information is stored

The information we collect from you may be stored in a location outside the United Kingdom or the European Union. It may be accessed and used by international organisations which we use to operate our business, such as payment gateways, suppliers, delivery companies and support services. By using our website you agree to allow third parties to access and use your information.

We take reasonable steps to keep your information secure, but unfortunately any information transferred and stored on the internet is not 100% secure. We therefore cannot guarantee the security of the information you provide to us. You must only continue to use our website if you understand and agree that although we’ll make efforts to keep your information secure, we are not liable for any breach in security of your information.

Your rights and access to information

You have the right to request for your information not to be used for marketing purposes. If you would not like your information to be used for marketing purposes please make a request via email to .

You have the right to access information we may hold about you. You can make a request for access to the information by emailing . Please note that such requests will incur a fee payable by you to meet the administration costs in providing the information.

Changes to this policy

This privacy policy may change without prior notice, so you must the policy each time you visit to ensure you still agree to it. If you do not agree in full to this privacy policy you must cease use of the website.