Although second nature to most children, there are some who struggle with following instructions and recalling information. This might be remembering details from previous days or even from the input just provided. Whilst this may improve with age, for some, additional skills and resources can be used to prompt and provide confidence and independence.

Memory and logic skills can be built using fun paired or group games, progressively increasing in difficulty. Recall of auditory information can be improved with our custom-made mind maps, whereas as visual memory can be improved with concentration techniques. Many of these resources can be applied to a class as a whole in order that children do not feel singled out or different in any way.



Various learning tools available to suit a multitude of requirements and subject matter, our mind-mapping resources can be custom-made to suit a particular set of needs.

Price on request.

Brain-storm to Brilliance

A resource pack designed to develop and formulate structure from initial ideas and thoughts. This pack is available in various themes and is suitable for KS1 and KS2.

Price on request.

Visual aids for classroom behaviour

Many children find it difficult to follow a series of instructions or remember basic routine. Our custom-made visual aids provide images and worded prompts to help children with their executive function.

Price on request.

Master memory

This paired game encouraged children to use their logic skills as well as their memory. Children choose from a set of cards providing a sequence of colours. Their opponent then has to choose large coloured discs to attempt to match the sequence chosen. This is fantastic as a playtime activity for those children who find free-play difficult to manage.

Price on request.

Memory games using numbers, flags and shapes

A progressive set of resources which aim to improve memory by playing short 5 minute games on a regular basis. Typically, our resources are designed for children to memorise a series of anywhere between 3 and 6 items. This assists with daily classroom function such as following a series of instructions.