Special Educational Needs Tutoring testimonials

Sophie was a ray of sunshine during a very arduous 1st round of home schooling for my son (and for his parents). He was in Year 2 when we met with Sophie. Having been aware that our son wasn’t performing brilliantly at school, home schooling increased our concerns enormously. I’d heard through word of mouth of Sophie’s magic powers, and I was hugely impressed with her reassuring, calm and capable approach to reengaging our son. Her approach was so subtle that he was unaware that learning could look like this, and actually feel fun. More importantly perhaps, Sophie has helped us to understand what might be causing his difficulties, and has guided us towards seeking more tailored educational provision for our son. I’m confident that the effects of meeting and working with Sophie will have far-reaching and long-term benefits for our son, our family and for his future. Thank you Sophie, I just wish there were more of you to swoop in and help other children and families.

LB 2021


In 2019 my family and I were given the oportunity to leave Australia for 12 months to live in the Salisbury area. This was not a decision taken lightly, as our son Sam has considerable behavioural and social difficulties primarily caused by his severe anxiety disorder and ASD. After much searching and enquiry we enrolled Sam into an indepedant school. Unfortunitely, even with the assistance of a 1:1 teachers aide, Sam was unable to meet the expectations of the school and the amicable decision to withdraw him from the school was made. My wife then effectively home-schooled him for that point forward.In order to meet this challenge, my wife contacted Sofie in July of 2018 in the hope that she would be able to assist with tutoring. We were very encouraged by Sophies understanding and apporach towards Sams chellenges and it soon became clear that Sophies skills went far beyon tutoring. Sofie was able to provide invaluable assistance to us from August 2018 until April 2019 when we returned to Australia. Sophie was exeptionally well prepared to meet Sam needs. For example, to guage what was required of Sam, Sophie consulted the Australian school curriculim for guidance. Many efforts were made to learn Sams interests, and these were integrated into lessions very effectively. Accomodations and much thought was also put into ensuring Tuition times were utilised to maximum effect. Sessions with Sam were not without challenges. Sofie often had to deal woth defiant and agressive behaviour, and managed these expetionally well due to her understanding that aniety was the underlying cause of the behaviour. Sophie was also able to balance providing firm guidence, setting clear boundries and expercations. Ultimately, the respect our son had for Sophie and her decisions (even when he disagreed!) is testiment to her ability to manage these difficult behaviours but still encourage the best in her students. Most of all, even through all his difficult bahaviours, we really appreciated that Sophie could see the potential in our son. Without a doubt she enabled him to achieve his best potential with the work they completed together and was so encouraging to see. Sophie not only suceeded where so many others in a more traditional school setting have failed our son, but exceeded our expecations. As a family we will always be very greatful for Sophies support. I would without any reservations, recommend Sophie in her ability to assist with childeren with additional needs.

MW 2019

Our daughter has complex needs, both academic, social and emotional, due to early years trauma. Sophie got to know her really well and provided amazing resources that captured her imagination to use within mainstream school.  Within the first six months of working with her, our daughter had gone from not being able to accurately and consistently count 10 objects to be able to start to learn her timestables! Sophie helped us see the potential our daughter has if she's able to access the curriculum in a way that is suitable for her needs.  We can't thank her enough for her help and support!

HB. 2016

I was searching high and low for a visual timetable for my daughter which would 'fit' her minecrafty personality but couldn't find one anywhere, then I was pointed into Sophie's direction with her Ta-dah SEN service. Sophie was great, I really wasn't sure what I wanted from my timetable. Sophie was really helpful and walked me through the routes and we worked it out together. Thank you very much.


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