Understanding children

Understanding children can be tough. Each of us has our own history, creating a mind set and agenda.With social and professional demands and expectations (on both parents and teachers) evolving daily, connecting with and fully engaging with a child can be difficult. Whether you are a parent or teacher, perhaps you can identify? When a child then has complicated learning or emotional difficulties, overcoming barriers can seem impossible for all concerned.For these reasons and many more I am a proud advocate for children with special needs. I dedicate my time and energy to researching and producing support and resources to break down the inhibitors to learning. I believe in communicating with and progressing children in an objective, constructive manner.My 'big picture' is to assist in producing happy children who grow up to be adults capable of fulfilling their hopes and dreams.My resources aim to 'level the playing field' for as many children as possible. They are custom-made to meet the exact needs of children, motivating and inspiring every step of the way. I visualise children laughing while learning, desperate to turn the page.