Written language is dependant on a solid foundation of spoken language, reading and comprehension. Progression requires good understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar. The majority of mainstream children are able to learn each skill individually and collaboratively. However, should a child struggle with one or even every element, they can begin to lose interest or even refuse to participate in related lessons.

Often simply changing the format of a session, including games or activities involving repetition can increase confidence and therefore enthusiasm. Our resources are not restricted to children with additional needs, all children (whether mainstream or home schooled) would benefit from using our interactive methods.

A small sample of the interventions available are listed below. Specific packs based on your individual requirements (including phonics books, spelling packs and reading material) can be built and sent for your approval.


Maths is a fantastic opportunity for using visuals, games and realistic examples to reinforce theory. However, for some, perspective of quantity, space or shape is difficult, hampering improvement. Retention and application of basic knowledge can be almost impossible. Grasping basic number skills and concepts is vital to form a consistent base.

Our ‘tried and tested’ methods and visuals provide outstanding results and can produce amazing rates of progression. When combined with our precision teaching and short-term memory interventions, learning can be greatly accelerated.


Almost all children have a natural curiosity for the world they live in. With exciting equipment and simple tools, this can be captured and used to great effect.

Our forest school training has provided countless plans and ideas for utilising and recycling material to investigate and experiment. However, British weather sometimes prevents outdoor fun, making way for our group games and puzzles. Almost everything is re-usable from year to year, and extremely low cost.


Whilst it is not imperative to learn the English Language, and more specifically spelling, through phonics, it is the widely preferred method. On occasion, children transfer between schools or perhaps are unable to obtain a firm grounding in phonics and begin to find the fast pace too much for them. Spelling test day becomes their worst nightmare, and has inevitable negative results.

Using both personal and professional experience, we have produced a range of books with associated activities and worksheets to consolidate knowledge. Should a more specific approach be required, we are able to build resource packs based on individual needs. For example, an EAL child could be sent ‘SATPIN’ resources in combination with precision teaching equipment to pinpoint a learning objective.


Due to the nature of this broad area of education, we welcome requests for resources of any kind. We consider ourselves lucky to have a vastly varied skill set ranging from the well travelled, to keen interest in archaeology. In addition we have many contacts in the Wiltshire area who are able to add the ‘Wow’ factor to the classroom or home educator. Check our library for those little extras which make a big difference!

Social Skills

We thought it was time to update social skills programmes and bring them into the twenty-first century. In order for any session of this nature to be successful, the children involved need to voluntarily participate and fully engage with one another. If they are not enjoying themselves or feel in any way that they are being forced into communicating or building relationships with others it is a pointless task.

We think it is imperative to utilise common interest or individual strengths to build natural friendships and life skills. Although we do welcome additional information relating to the groups involved, we believe our six and 10 week programmes include elements everyone will enjoy. Each session can be modified to incorporate the needs of children with ASD and Asperges.

An extensive ‘Understanding emotions’ collection can be selected from to build your own child specific program. This can be greatly enhanced by utilising our client library.