Science KS1

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Almost all children have a natural curiosity for the world they live in. With exciting equipment and simple tools, this can be captured and used to great effect.

Our forest school training has provided countless plans and ideas for utilising and recycling material to investigate and experiment. However, British weather sometimes prevents outdoor fun, making way for our group games and puzzles. Almost everything is re-usable from year to year, and extremely low cost.


Plant Parts Game

Fantastic game for groups of children, consolidating number skills as well as teaching the simple parts of a flowering plant. Very similar to the 90's 'build a bug' games, children will all be racing to add their petals to complete the plant.

Price: £6. All materials included (plus postage and packing).

Skeleton Skills

Group game testing team-work and attention to detail. Children compete against one another to form their skeleton first (all arts labelled with basic vocabulary). This resource can be built in a life-size form or a more manageable desk top format.

Price on request.

Animal Offspring pairs (can also be used as 'snap')

Fun game for children in KS1 to identify a wide range of animals and their offspring. This resource will increase their vocabulary and assist with phonics knowledge, as well as promoting independent play.

Price: £4-6 (dependant on size of cards required). All materials included (plus postage and packing).

Food chain Game

Children collect cards to try and complete simple food chains (colour coded for ease of use). Brilliant resource to promote group work, independent play as well as support understanding of basic knowledge.

Price: £4-6 (dependant on size of cards required). All materials included (plus postage and packing).

What am I?

Whole class animal classification game, guaranteed to get them excited about wildlife. Bright, bold resources appeal to everyone, helping children to commit the important information to memory.

Price on request.

 Pick a plant part

Teachers or assistants provide children with a visual plant characteristic (such as a leaf image) and ask the class to identify the plant. Alternatively, these resources can  be used in groups, with children matching the images to the whole plant.

Price: £6. All materials included (plus postage and packing).









Any subject matter can be used on request. Our resources are extremely flexible and can be custom-made to your specifications.

Dependant on your location, it may be possible for your order to be delivered or collected.