SEN Inclusive not Exclusive 

I understand the need for children to feel accepted and comfortable around their peers. Salisbury is home to several supportive groups. Wilton RDA, Seeds for Sucess, Able Hands Together CIC and  Rising Stars to name just a few. 

Ta-dah SEN provides groups regularly but also on request. During the last 5 years I have set up many groups, all of which are available (Covid allowing) on request. These include: Lego Therapy, Sensory sessions, Art groups, Cooking sessions, Youth Groups, Minecraft groups, Community gardening sessions and Home Education Groups. A quantity of these run online but will hopefully return regularly when possible. A specific secondary aged Youth Group is due to begin as soon as possible, please refer to the Facebook Page for regular updates.

In addition to regular small group work, I also attend large events, such as ‘Live and the Farm,’ promoting inclusive activities and making attendance possible for those with SEN. If you have an event which would benefit from our attendance or would like resources to achieve this yourself, please contact me.



You can view our latest events on Facebook: