Key Stage 1 English Teachers

Getting children excited about English can be difficult. The new curriculum is challenging in many ways, placing increased pressure on both teachers and children.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar targets are demanding whilst reading and spelling requirements are higher than they have ever been. Our new resources provide inspirational resources on all elements of the new curriculum as well as standard daily activities such as ‘Big Writes’ and group reading.

Our games, puzzles, visual resources and activities are designed to motivate and enthuse children whilst providing support and extra hours in the day for you. In addition to Ta-dah resources, we also have an extensive library of books and props to add interest and new challenges in lessons.

We are currently building links with schools and associations in both the United Kingdom and much further afield to enable regular correspondence. After all, who doesn’t enjoy receiving unexpected positive mail!

As with all of out product lists, these are only a sample of our resources. If you would like to contact us with your individual requirements we are certain we can help!


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG).

Amazing Adjectives/Show-stopper Vocabulary

Displays and resources with not only new, exciting vocabulary but examples of scenarios in which they could be used to great affect.

Price on request.

Two Thumbs up display

Capital letter and full stop display (available with individual prompts for use on desks). Simple, effective reminder for children starting on their literacy journey.

Price on request.

Pick a pronoun.

Brilliant start of the day game to get children thinking. Can be played as individuals or groups.

Price:£4 content only. £8 all materials included (plus postage and packing).


Phonics Books

See phonics section for further information

Topic related factsheets

Fact sheets written specifically using high and medium frequency words to consolidate fluency and understanding.

Price: £1 each content only. £1.50 all materials included (plus postage and packing).

Active Reading.

Props and activities to bring books to life, encouraging children to love reading.

 Price on request.


Visuals for sentences

This resource is specifically for children who find all elements of english challenging.Packs of images designed based on specified subject matter to assist children in sentence formation. Each pack provides visuals separated into 'who,' 'what' and 'where,' enabling children to create an overall picture and sentences to match.

Price on request.

What do I need today?

Writing templates for children who struggle with which elements to use when. Visual aids designed to help children commit information to long term memory. Available specific to KS1 and KS2.

Price: £4 content only. £6 including provision of all material (plus postage and packing





Any subject matter can be used on request. Our resources are extremely flexible and can be custom-made to your specifications.

Dependant on your location, it may be possible for your order to be delivered or collected.