Key Stage 1 Phonics Teachers

Our phonics resources allow children to progressively learn through play.

Interactive games and books encourage children to retain information through repetition and utilising existing knowledge. Recall and retention improves through allowing children to find their own examples of graphemes.

Ta-dah have built a series of phonics based story books which promote independent learning and confidence. Each book is accompanied by worksheets and activities to improve a range of skills in addition to phonics knowledge, including fine motor and handwriting.


Phonics Puzzle Pieces

Brightly coloured puzzle pieces to improve grapheme recognition and work towards building complete words and sentences. Each puzzle piece is colour coded to combine with our other phonics resources, giving continuous support.

Price on request.

Phonics Books

We are currently building our own set of phonics books with associated worksheets, using high level repetition of individual sounds in combination with high and medium frequency words. Brightly coloured and full of fun, children will love looking through these books independently, or working through them as a class.

Price on request.

Mobile displays

Our displays are cost effective and highly durable, allowing them to be used from year to year. Each set progresses through the phonics phases and can be interchanged as often as you would like or need.

Phonics resource packs

Occasionally there are children who, for various reasons, find phonics extremely difficult. We are able to provide specific resource packs which can be used in connection with our precision teaching to assist measurable progression.

Price on request.

Phonics Trivia

Great as a start or end of the day activity, your whole class will get involved in this fantastic game. Each card presents a worded challenge for the children to nominate themselves to answer.

Price: £4. All materials included. (plus postage and packaging).



Any subject matter can be used on request. Our resources are extremely flexible and can be custom-made to your specifications.

Dependant on your location, it may be possible for your order to be delivered or collected.

SEN Library

We offer a free loan system of a wide range of resources to anyone within the Salisbury area (subject to purchase of any single item). For a full list of our current library and availability, please contact us by email.