Key Stage 2 Social Skills Teachers

We thought it was time to update social skills programmes and bring them into the twenty-first century. In order for any session of this nature to be successful, the children involved need to voluntarily participate and fully engage with one another.

If they are not enjoying themselves or feel in any way that they are being forced into communicating or building relationships with others it is a pointless task.

We think it is imperative to utilise common interest or individual strengths to build natural friendships and life skills. Although we do welcome additional information relating to the groups involved, we believe our six and 10 week programmes include elements everyone will enjoy. Each session can be modified to incorporate the needs of children with ASD and Aspergers.

An extensive ‘Understanding emotions’ collection can be selected from to build your own child specific program. This can be greatly enhanced by utilising our client library.

In addition, our classroom ‘tool box’ provides support and mechanisms to manage clashes of personality and those inevitable squabbles.


Social Skills Programs

4/6 week Social Skills Program

Suitable for all children, including those with ASD or Aspergers

Price: £15 content only. £20 including provision of all materials (plus postage and packing).

10 week Social Skills Program

Designed to include transition into a new term

Price: £18 content only. £24 including provision of all materials (plus postage and packing).

Themes include:

  • Secret Agent Skills
  • Comic Book Heroes
  • Breath of Fresh Air
  • Medieval Masters
  • Code Breakers

Social Skills Classroom Toolbox

A range of activities and resources to resolve disagreements or to reinforce friendship values.

£10 content only

£15 including provision of all materials.

Ice-breaker Activities

A ‘go-to’ pack to begin the term, welcome a new pupil or even entertain guest. Our ice-breaker resource diffuses anxiety and opens lines of conversation for children finding it difficult to find common interests within a group.

£5 content only.

£7 including provision of all materials.

Find a Friend

Playground games for those children finding free play difficult. An easily accessible set of games and activities for children to play independently with one another whilst learning valuable communication and team work skills.

£5 content only

£10 including provision of all materials.

Positive Interaction and Social Skill displays

Are a fantastic way to build to reinforce and reward positive class and group behaviour. These are individually designed to your requirements.

Price and design quoted on request.


Any subject matter can be used on request. Our resources are extremely flexible and can be custom-made to your specifications.

Dependant on your location, it may be possible for your order to be delivered or collected.

SEN Library

We offer a free loan system of a wide range of resources to anyone within the Salisbury area (subject to purchase of any single item). For a full list of our current library and availability, please contact us by email.