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We are passionate about the fantastic choice of topics provided for the KS2 curriculum. Children can be inspired and enthused by the huge variety and diversity of history and geography. Over time, we have built a significant depth and range of resources, enabling us to support you in exciting your children. In addition, we provide flexibility in approach and reading level to ensure accessibility to every child. Topic can be so versatile in providing cross-curricular opportunities. Independent writing, comprehension, Art, Design Technology and Music (amongst many more) can be incorporated, providing those extra hours greatly needed. Ta-dah provides resources and support to maximise opportunity to learn, be it in the form of interactive displays or weekly topic based quizzes to start the day. Whatever your need, we can assist.


Where have we been? (display)

This is a great way to get children discussing names and details of places all around the world. Re-usable labels accompany a world map (sized to your specification) for children to display which countries they have travelled to. For small schools, this could even be a whole school activity, including staff!

Price on request.

Geography trivia cards

This game will really test logic and general knowledge skills for the whole class. Teachers provide their pupils with clues such as 'I am on the equator, I am a country and I am in Africa,' until a child or group correctly guess the answer. This resource can be differentiated to lower or upper ks2, making it a perfect learning tool for all children.

Price: £4. All materials included (plus postage and packing)

Fair trade?

Whole class or group activity, providing roles to be acted out from both a personal and financial point of view. Children assume a position within the economy, such as a farmer or large corporation, and are provided with personal and financial information. They decide whether they are being treated fairly and as a result what action should be taken. This is a fantastic way to encourage empathy and teach concepts regarding the economy and financial responsibility.

Cross-curricular Resources

For those children who require a higher level or repetition to commit information to memory, cross-curricular activities can be extremely useful. We produce many examples, however, one of our favourites is the Greek Mythology Mission game, which involves navigated through a grid, providing relevant directions to complete the task and be provided with the next challenge. Please contact us with your individual needs and we will be happy to help.

Price on request.

United Kingdom Puzzle

Customize your United Kingdom puzzle with towns relevant to your school. This resource is so reasonably priced, you could even by several and use as a competitive game.

Price: £4. All materials included (plus postage and packing).

Water cycle puzzle

A great subject starter or revision tool, this puzzle is fantastic for helping children to learn the basic water cycle and related terminology. This can also be produce as an interactive display for your classroom wall (made to fit your specifications).

Price on request.




Any subject matter can be used on request. Our resources are extremely flexible and can be custom-made to your specifications.

Dependant on your location, it may be possible for your order to be delivered or collected.

SEN Library

We offer a free loan system of a wide range of resources to anyone within the Salisbury area (subject to purchase of any single item). For a full list of our current library and availability, please contact us by email.