Key Stage 1 Teachers

KS1 English

Getting children excited about English can be difficult. The new curriculum is challenging in many ways, placing increased pressure on both teachers and children. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar targets are demanding whilst reading and spelling requirements are higher than they have ever been.

KS1 Maths

Visual resources for maths are both readily available and expensive. We provide resourcing to suit any budget which are equally effective. We build on a learning through play ethic, producing interactive activities suitable for individuals, groups or even whole classes.

KS1 Science

Although children can easily be motivated and enthused by Science lessons, often the most engaging sessions can be time consuming to plan.

KS1 Topic

As each school is able to plan their own specific subject matter to cover in each terms ‘Topic,’ all resources and displays are built to order.

KS1 Social Skills

We think it is imperative to utilise common interest or individual strengths to build natural friendships and life skills.

KS1 Phonics

Our phonics resources allow children to progressively learn through play.